Cayo Coco Vacations – A Traveler’s Guide


Located on the northern coast of Cuba lies a chain of islands that are a natural paradise. It’s nice to know that there is still a place where you can get lost in your own thoughts and not have a care in the world. What was once Cuba’s best kept secret is now the fastest growing area for tourism. The area’s infrastructure is being developed at a rapid rate but being done so in a way as to not compromise or spoil the natural beauty and serenity of the islands.

Separated from mainland Cuba by a 17km causeway is Cayo Coco, the one that started it all. A visit to Cayo Coco is a must for nature lovers and divers. The preservation of its rich ecosystem makes Cayo Coco host to one of the biggest herds of pink flamingos in the world and a reserve for other birds such as the gray heron, cormorant, woodpeckers, mockingbirds, pelicans and many types of duck. The natural beach is 10 km of fine white sand and turquoise waters. Diving and snorkeling in Cayo Coco can compete with any other world-class dive locations. The diversity of the marine life range from numerous species of smaller colorful fish to barracuda and shark.

West of Cayo Coco you’ll find Cayo Guillermo. At only 13 square Kilometers, it is an oasis of peace and relaxation. Calm, peaceful waters and 5 km of pristine white powder beach are all but guaranteed to wash away the stress of everyday and leave you in a state of pure tranquility.

As a relative newcomer onto the scene, Cayo Santa Maria is a jewel off the north coast of Cuba. Declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, it is a natural hideaway of coconut palm trees, beautiful beaches and crystal waters.

A trip to the Cayos of Cuba will most definitely leave you relaxed and refreshed. The Hotels are All Inclusive and for the most part, luxurious and have all the amenities you would need to keep you content. Top hotel chains such as Iberostar, Melia, and Tryp are well grounded in the area and bring their hospitality and quality to deliver even more of a relaxed experience. If you do need a jolt out soaking up the sun, the resorts do offer a full range of daily activities to keep you busy throughout the day and night.

Even though great care is underway to keep the areas a natural preserve, there are excursions and activities you can take in so it isn’t all just lying on a beach (unless that’s what you really want to do) such as Jeep Tours, Kite Boarding, Sailing, and various diving/snorkeling excursions.

When you decide to go on vacation, if you just want to “get away” and get “refreshed and relaxed” than a trip to one of the Cayos of Cuba is for you. Canadian Tour Operators such as Hola Sun and Sunwing offer direct flights to these gems of the Caribbean and offer the best All Inclusive resorts on the islands. Such a paradise often comes with a hefty price tag but Cuba is one of the most affordable trips you’ll ever take. Contacting your travel agent for a last-minute vacation to Cuba can make this Caribbean Treasure a vacation you can’t afford not to take.

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