Exploring the City Can Be a Lot of Fun for Travelers


Lilongwe is the capital city of Malawi and is situated by Lilongwe River. Back in its past, it used to be a small fishing village and then grew into a developed city. For quite some time, Lilongwe remained the second largest city of Malawi behind Blantyre but has grown considerably and became the largest city of the country in 2008. In 1975, it had replaced Zomba as the capital of Malawi. The city has been highly popular amongst tourists who search for cheap flights to Lilongwe all year round to come down here during vacations. Lilongwe is a largely green city where even the buildings in the city center are divided by green patches in the least. Trees and grassy lands are found all throughout the city. Lilongwe is a lot better than many other African countries when it comes to traffic and infrastructure and city planning. Cheap flights to Lilongwe can be found through many tour operators and are handled here by Kamuzu International Airport.

Exploring the city can be a lot of fun for travelers. Lilongwe has been divided into three parts with Old Town and the New Town divided by Lilongwe Nature Sanctuary. Like everywhere else in Africa, a trip to Lilongwe will also bring to sight, much in regards to flora and fauna to explore and Lilongwe Nature Sanctuary is a good place, alongside others to do so Flights to Lilongwe would be a good deal as they will leave the travelers with enough money to spend getting around the city. The Old Town has been developed around the original village while the New Town is what the world knows as the Malawian capital or the City Center. Taxis can be easily found from various points in the city and so can be the buses. Traveling in buses can be a bit of an adventure but a good way to interact with the locals. Playing golf in the city can be a lot of fun and facilities for it are easily available. However, once cheap flights to Lilongwe are gotten, checking that African touch is important too. Lilongwe Wildlife Center is a good place to check to explore the flora and fauna or Malawi while Kumbali Cultural Center is the spot where the finest of Malawian culture can be seen.

Numerous tour operators are offering cheap Flights to Lilongwe and with little research tourists can find them out. Working in the city as a volunteer for animals is also a good idea. Gradually, the city is becoming more popular amongst tourists and hence cheap flights to Lilongwe are being increasingly promoted by tour operators. Traveling to the city is thus, easy and quite exciting.

Hence, the Malawian capital is a fabulous place to holiday at. With much of African flora and fauna and culture to explore here, the city is unique and character and one of its kind.

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