Why Choose A Human Touch Massage Chair?


After a long day of hard and tedious work your shoulders, neck, and back have been completely strained and you are ready to take a rest. What can you do to not only get the rest you need but also get therapy on those sore body parts? You could spend more time on the road and go to the chiropractor or massage therapist or you could get home and sit right down on your new massage chair…one that that gives you the feeling of human touch and can be used according to your time schedules. But why a Human Touch massage chair?

Human touch massage chairs are built by Human Touch of Long Beach, California (formerly Interactive Health) and boast a multi-patented Human Touch Technology Massage System which provides massage in 3 dimensions in 4 different modes. This patented technology of the Human Touch massage chairs is also endorsed by the American College of Chiropractic Orthopedists. They are constructed and assembled in China.

Among the benefits of the Human Touch massage chair is the full recline that gives you the feeling of a therapeutic massage as if in a spa. This full recliner feature of 170 degrees is unique to many of the Human Touch family of massage chairs.

Other benefits of these chairs, depending on the model, include:

oUp to three pre programmed 15-minute massage sessions.

oUp to 170 degree power recline enabling full body stretching and power foot rest.

oThis technology has a robot mechanism and integrated massage rollers that act like the strong arms, hands fists, fingers and thumbs of a trained massage therapist.

oShoulder height adjustments are also available.

oA remote control that is easy to read and follow.

oThese chairs have three dimensional movements along a unique track and contours its way up your neck to allow for more extensive pain relief.

oIt also has three motors that thoroughly work the back and neck.

oThey give a sensational 3 back massage and a penetrating neck massage and rotating multi speed calf and foot massage which is built in to the foot rest itself.

oMulti-speed calf and foot massager.

oErgonomic headrest.

oSome of the chairs boast a 60 degree swivel.

The only drawbacks that I’ve seen of the Human Touch massage chairs included no heat feature, buttock or thigh massage, and nothing to address the arms (computers are the bane of the existence of our arms and wrists). The new HT-1650 massage chair model addresses all of these drawbacks…but you will pay for those features. On some of the less expensive models, I also wish that the vertical range of the massage tracks was a little longer, i.e. to reach further down the back.

Regardless of which model you contemplate, and any model-specific shortcomings, you will be rewarded with a massage that will leave you feeling taller, more flexible, and definitely immense relief from your constant joint and muscle pains.

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