What Can Day Trippers Do for Fun While on the Atlantis Resort in Paradise Island, The Bahamas?


Are you planning to have a day trip to the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island in the Bahamas? There are many ways you can experience the grandeur of Atlantis even if you plan to stay only for one day. The best thing about Atlantis is that non-hotel guests can enjoy a wide-array of activities that suit their preferences.

Atlantis is a very popular resort in the Caribbean because it is a travel destination unto itself. Millions travel to Nassau just to explore the resorts, restaurants and casinos. Most of the travelers are day trippers from the cruise ships. They either take a water-shuttle or a taxi ride to experience the best of what the resort can offer.

Some of the guests enjoy throwing some cash on the roulette wheel or crap tables, while some are drawn to the other popular destinations on Paradise Island. Most families enjoy visiting the Lost World Themed Water Park where they can explore the underground mysteries and walk-through the Lost City of Atlantis. The Dig is a must-see place in the Atlantis where one can have a feeling of how ancient Atlantis looked. Guests can also explore the beautiful beaches around the resort and/or enjoy the dolphin encounter program.

Guests who are adventurous may explore the Aquaventure Pools and Water Park. But it is important to note that not all day trippers can visit this attraction. Interested guests must pay an entrance fee to enjoy this privilege. The water park offers a lot of extreme and exciting adventures like the water slides and many others.

Day visitors can also play and swim with the bottlenose dolphins at the famous Dolphin Cay. It is a 14-acre habitat where visitors can have the privilege to get a closer encounter with this marine animal.

The Atlantis Tour is another one of the popular activities in the resort. An expert navigator will tour guests through the ancient City of Atlantis including a visit to The Dig. It is a fantasy-like archaeological exploration of the 11,000-year-old Lost City. Though it is just a myth, there are a lot of interesting hieroglyphics and artifacts that visitors can explore. They will also enjoy looking at the impressive and exotic sea creatures like manta ray, venomous lion fish, moon jellyfish, piranhas, and so on.

The Atlantis Resort also offers a Beach Day Program that offers an all-day access to the exclusive white and sandy beaches. Towels and lounge chairs are also provided. Day trippers can also avail of the Aquaventure package wherein they can have an all-day access to the beaches, pools and the 141-acre waterscape.

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