Perth, Australia, is one of the most isolated but famous cities in the world. The city is isolated in the sense that it’s located far away from other cities in Australia. Isolated as it is, Perth is one of the most fantastic cities you can visit in the world and leave wanting to come back once more. You don’t believe it? Ask those who live here or have been here before. They will tell me how fantastic the city is. When you go to Perth, Australia, you will meet welcoming residents, cool weather, unique landmark, historical monuments, etc. Assuming you are visiting the city for only a few days, say like 2 days, you will need to come out with a plan that will ensure you don’t miss the most moments or sights. Perth is a huge city with a lot to offer – so how can you use your two days in the city and capture its most important aspects? Well, let help you.Here we will discuss some things you can do while on your 2 days trip to Perth, Keeping reading to the end – the post has been written specifically for you.

How to Spend 2 Days in Perth

1st Day

Below are some of the things you can engage in on your first day in Perth

1. Explore Central Perth

Assuming you arrived in Perth at night (like it’s the case with most international flights) and had enough time to rest, you should begin your 2-days mission by exploring the city center. You don’t have much time to visit the neighborhoods -remember it’s only 2 days.

If you are visiting for the first time, it’s easy to get lost in the city center. To avoid such scenarios, go to the city’s information Kiosk located in Murray Street Mall. You will meet the knowledgeable staff who will give you a 90-minute orientation tour free of charge. The orientation tour of Perth begins at 9.45 AM and focuses on the highlights of the city. You will learn more about the city’s history, architecture, gardens, art, monuments, etc.

2. Toastface Grill

Once you are done with the free orientation tour, you can head for lunch at Toastface Grill. Here you will appreciate their grilled cheese. What’s more, Toast Grillah is conveniently located closer to the tour meeting points and an Art Gallery. 

Entering the art gallery is entirely free, so you should not just pass anyhow. Spare approximately 30 minutes and see what’s offered here. 

The art gallery offers free tours or special events. There are also several funky gift shops. 

3. Kings Park and Botanic Garden

Take a free bus from the nearby transportation hub and go to Kings Park and Botanical Garden. The Park & garden offers a spectacular view of Perth and the Swan River. The park features more than 2,000 different plant species that are specifically indigenous to Australia. The park offers a full-time schedule of free tours presided over by train volunteers. If you join these tours, you will learn more about Perth’s plants, birds, flowers, climate, animals, etc. The sun may be hot here in the park so bring your shady sun hat plus your sunscreen. Likewise, a camera will help to record all the fun that you never want to forget. 

4. St. Michael 6003

By now, you are almost getting exhausted – you’ve had a whole day of exploring. However, if you still have some energy and morale left, consider a picnic at any of the city’s beaches and watch the sunset. By the time you leave the beach (after the sun has gone down), it’s now a good time to head for a long, relaxing dinner at St Michael 6003. The restaurant is said to be the best in the city – they are famous for their seafood. 

5. Margaret Riverregion Pub

You’ve now enjoyed your dinner, and you are probably feeling worn out. What should you do next, go, and sleep? Yes, if you don’t drink, and no if you do! For those who enjoy adult beverages, it would be so boring if you had to end your day with a taste of your favorite drink. There are so many pubs and clubs in the city – simply look for a good joint and join others to “shorten the night”. of the best clubs you can consider for all your favorite drinks is Margaret River region Pub. It’s strategically located and deals with all sorts of drinks – you can be sure that you won’t miss whatever you wish to enjoy here.

2nd Day

Once you’ve ended the day by grabbing your drinks, sleep, and wake up the next day feeling energetic. This is the same day you will be leaving Perth, so how do you spend it? 

1. Fremantle & Rottnest Island 

You want to make sure that your day will be great. To make this possible, begin the day with a warm breakfast. Perth is known for its mouthwatering breakfasts and coffee. Look for a pleasing joint where you can go and enjoy it all. If you have a hard time locating the best place to enjoy your morning breakfast, go to Fremantle. The restaurant serves as a gateway to Rottnest Island – the home to Australia’s beloved quokkas. Quokkas, referred to as “world’s happiest animals,” are friendly, and you will love to witness them. Please note that you are not allowed to approach these creatures or to take them home as pets. You can only watch them and perhaps take some snaps to preserve the memories. 

2. Exiting Perth

There is more to do in Perth, but you don’t have as much time. You should now get back to your room earlier and prepare for your exit! By this moment, you will wish you had more time. But don’t worry – you can still visit again when you have time. 

The Bottom

If we were, to be honest, there is no way you can explore all that Perth has to offer within two days. However, your two days visit is enough to capture the most fantastic aspect of the city. For this to happen, you will need to have clear planning and book your flights in advance. Visit the official website of Cathay Pacific to have your flights booked now!