How to Have a Grand Jamaican Vacation Without Breaking the Bank


Jamaica has long been known as an island paradise. Who would not want to go and visit this tropical place with white sand beaches, clear waters and the friendly people that welcome visitors with their open arms. Contrary to what people think, there are cheap resorts in Caribbean that let you enjoy the place without having to spend much.

Negril in Jamaica is once place that you can enjoy even on a low budget. Summer is the cheapest time to go and visit the beautiful 7 mile white sand beach of this town. For the budget traveler you can choose from the many cheap resorts in Caribbean here. One of which is the Coco La Palms and it has rooms and suites that will fit any budget. It also has 2 swimming pools, well-maintained gardens and courteous and friendly staff ready to assist always. For about $900 USD for a junior suite for a seven day stay, it is not a bad deal at all!

The beach in Negril is the place to be when going here. You can purchase your meal, a cigar, a trinket souvenir or even an aloe to help ease out the sunburned skin without leaving your beach chair. There are also a lot of restaurants and bars that you can go to for your meal without spending too much if you are tired of eating at the hotel all the time. There are many cheap resorts in Caribbean that you can check out online to help you decide on where to stay for your vacation.

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