How To Earn From Illinois Travel Nursing Jobs

Travel Nursing Jobs in Illinois | TNAA

A lot of travel nurse agencies are now open in giving travel nursing jobs to nurses who are willing to be assigned to different States. Medical facilities are now open for  Illinois travel nursing jobs. Companies offering  travel nurse jobs in Illinois continue to grow due to the demand of nurses in their place. With the pandemic issue the world is facing right now, Illinois travel nurse jobs being offered by travel nurse agencies have helped in providing enough nurses for medical facilities who need them. There are  good things about being a travel nurse and here are some of it:

Advantages of Being a Travel Nurse 

Higher Pay 

High paying travel nurse jobs in Illinois can earn up to $4,000 dollar per week depending on their expertise. The more job descriptions the higher pay here are some of the nurses category and their pay:

  • Travel CNA Jobs 

     For Travelling  CNA  they can earn starting from $13 to $15 per hour. Travel CNA rates are higher than regular CNA. 

  • Crisis Nurse Jobs 

Crisis Nurse can earn starting from  $50 per hour and up! Since their jobs require a lot of work and skills they are paid more. They attend to patients that require close monitoring and full attention so they get paid more. 

  • Travel RN

Travel RN can earn starting from $20 and up per hour. This rate is also higher than regular RN salary. 

These are just some of the rates for Travel nurses, their expertise can make their pay higher. For the rates travel nurse agencies are transparent in giving rates to their applicants ,this way the nurses would know if they would be proceeding with the application. Transparency is also one way of building trust between travel nursing agencies and travel nurses. 

Chance to Explore Illinois

If you love shopping then Illinois is a place for you. The Magnificent mile in Chicago is a popular shopping center since it has unique boutiques and galleries. You can find anything you want to buy here and maybe even things that will interest you. The good thing about being a travel nurse is you can take a break after each assignment to give you time to refresh and do things you love the most before getting assigned to your next destination.  

Unlimited Continuing Education Units

Learning is always essential no matter what work people have, as nurses learning new skills and techniques is very important. This can help them perform better on their jobs as well as get acquainted with new medical equipment and techniques. Especially for crisis RN jobs in  Illinois continuous training is needed for them to get updated on how to handle their patients properly. This CEU is often given as compliments to travel nurses, so they can broaden their knowledge while working as a travel nurse in Illinois. 

Retirement Plan 

Each travel nurse is encouraged to enroll in a retirement plan , they will be asked how much of their earnings do they want to fund in their plan. What’s good about this is that it’s tax free. Retirement plans are good to secure the future of nurses since they are more exposed to risk. A travel nurse can start their contribution on their first day of employment. 

Special Discounts 

Discounts on car rentals just in case you want to go around the city , hotel discounts if you want to have a relaxing night of sleep and discounts on medical wear so you can save more from your savings. These are just a few of the discounts a travel nurse is entitled to have. 

Having all these benefits as a travel nurse is already enough to motivate nurses to explore and work at the same time. Some may be hesitant to work away from home but travel nurse agencies and medical facilities are generous enough to make your goal to do work and pleasure together without hesitation. Illinois travel nursing jobs maybe for you, how will you know if you won’t try. Contact travel nurse agencies near you and let your journey begin by getting a travel nursing job in Illinois. This might be a start of your journey to discovering the world!