Cyprus Car Hire – Shopping Around Will Pay


Cyprus car hire is available in every town and even some villages, and considering the amount of tourists that visit every year and take up Cyprus car hire, you can see it is a big business. Taking this into account, you can see why you can hire a vehicle from as little as 11 per day, now that is excellent value for money.

During the summer months the weather in Cyprus can be stiflingly hot so air conditioning is worth the extra investment, the only problem with this is that whilst you are lovely and cool in your rental car in Cyprus, once you leave the car you certainly feel the heat, but you can always pop back in to cool off again!

If you are into the off road driving scene you would obviously be better off with a jeep and make sure you take up their extra cover for sump and windscreen insurance as you’ll likely need this. Of roading in your jeep can be a dirty and dusty experience but great fun especially on some of the mountain tracks but be warned some of them are extremely steep and hair-raising.

If you are looking at villas for rent in Cyprus, long term you should be able to agree a decent price on a rental car in Cyprus, shop around it will be to your benefit.

Villas for rent in Cyprus long term, can also be negotiated to a cheap price as owners prefer the long term lets, but rather than look at rental why not look at Cyprus property for sale? You will be surprised at some of the bargains to be had. Developers are almost giving property away. Property prices are cheap at the moment but are expected to rise dramatically within the next year or two, so the best time to invest is now.

If you are looking at villas for rent long term in Cyprus in view of looking for a future investment, with the intention of living in Cyprus let the Cyprus car hire company that you use know this, they may well reduce their prices even more especially when they realize you are not a tourist.

Cyprus car hire companies have virtually every vehicle conceivable from a small moped right the way through the range to a luxurious Jaguar, some even have sand buggies, so they will be sure to have the car you require. Cyprus roads are somewhat hit and miss, you are driving along a tarmac road and all of a sudden it becomes a track, so make sure you look at a road map regularly, although some of these roads or tracks are not always listed as such.

Living in Cyprus is great fun and extremely hot during the summer months but the pace of life is extremely laid back and stress is not a word that Cypriots seem to use, so you can be sure of an enjoyable and relaxing time.

Have a good look on the internet at Cyprus car hire companies and compare prices; you will be quite taken aback at some of the prices that are being charged. Cyprus car hire is cheap but by shopping around you can obtain a better deal. Cyprus car hire prices are regulated by the Cyprus Tourist Office so there is a maximum ceiling on prices, but they do not have a minimum limit so dealers can be as competitive as they want, and some will offer fantastic deals.

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