Although Amsterdam may not be the place for best cheap hotels, there are some inexpensive places to service the needs of holiday vacationers and business travelers alike. Budget hotels in Amsterdam do not appear too apparent and favorable, considering their bigger counterparts are abundantly dominated by more luxurious establishments. The bulk of populace also prefers to receive satisfactory holiday service hence their willingness to fork out larger monetary allocation for the travel budget. Furthermore, budget hotels’ rooms are less spacious with some sporting steep stairs to challenge the less mobile.

Among the many budget hotels in Amsterdam, Hotel des Arts is one of the oldest townhouses. It is not equipped with any lifts but have a total of 18 rooms with some overlooking the city center. This hotel is managed by a family and their hospitality has served to be pleasing to patrons of their establishment. Its location in the busy speck of the old center is only within 10 minutes walking distance from the Central Station.

Then there is the Bicycle Hotel – a very amusing yet reasonably priced hotel. The name explains its practicality, without further discomfort, along with the bicycle rental service for customers’ brief exploration of the downtown area. Having only 16 rooms, some of the cheaper rooms share shower and toilet facilities in the main hall in line with its less than lower market rates. Despite being a budget hotel, Bicycle Hotel maintains an affluent hospitality for its clients and never neglects the much appreciated matter of cleanliness and hygiene.

There are other larger budget hotels in Amsterdam. The Eden Hotel, with as many as 218 rooms, is a three star hotel situated at a strategic location of Amstel River. Though not the most convenient hotel for travelers, tourists are attracted to the prices as well as worthy service value. It is a rather popular low-cost hotel which is fully air-conditioned with a newly renovated lobby of modern designs.

By joining up three houses, Bellevue Hotel plays host to 76 rooms. Its location is almost facing the Central Station despite not being situated exactly at the Red Light District. It has the most expensive hotel fee among other budget hotels but the comfort and charm is definitely worth the additional cost, especially for customers aiming for good comfort at average prices. Bellevue Hotel displays a basic interior with modern furniture, complemented with elegant architectural designs and ambient lighting.

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