The Shocking Truth About Ronald and Nancy Reagan’s Use of Psychic Help

The Shocking Truth About Ronald and Nancy Reagan’s Use of Psychic Help

Though shocking as the title indicates it comes out as no secret at all to the fact that the Reagan presidency was actually controlled by the cosmos astrological forces.

It is believed that the Reagan’s while making very important decisions concerning the state and in the White House strongly relied on astrology as a savior. Joan Quigley who was the planner of almost all presidential travel, press conferences, including the Reagan cancer surgery was an astrologer and based the surgery on astrology. It is believed that one signing of a treaty between the U.S and the Soviet to eliminate the medium-range nuclear missiles was signed on astrological advice from Quigley: the treaty was signed on December 8, 1987 at 1.30 p.m.

When Reagan was a Governor of California, he signed a legislation that allowed licensed astrologers to practice their trade and removed them from the category of being fortune tellers. In this case there is one astrologer who became very famous just because of predicting the assassination of President Kennedy and of which was once an astrological advisor to the Reagan’s too; was known as Jeane Dixon. By predicting that Reagan would become Governor of California in 1962 and later the President of The U.S, Dixon gained Reagan’s favor but of which was later dropped by Nancy when she predicted that the husband Reagan would not win the presidential elections in 1976 of which was correct.

Joyce Jillson was another astrologer who helped the Reagan’s in selecting the vice president from a list of seven candidates and George bush was the best candidate Jillson could offer; to her it was because Bush was a Gemini of which was the best or rather the most compatible sign-a Gemini that rhymed with Reagan who was an Aquarian.

In 1980, when Reagan commenced his campaign, Quigley predicted his succession to be President of the United States; but everything changed when there was an assassination attempt against Reagan in March 30, 1981; this is because Nancy came to learn that March 30 would be a terrible day for Reagan; Nancy learnt all this from Quigley. At this point Quigley was appointed the astrological protector for Reagan’s life from being a casual astrologer friend, interestingly about this assassination is that Reagan had a deathbed vision while in the hospital.

This is when Nancy Reagan also became aware of the so called “Presidential Death Cycle” of which it involves Jupiter and Saturn but also known as the “Zero-year curse”, this is because each and every president elected at this same time since the election of William Harrison has died while in office.

Harry Truman being a common man with principals he maintained of which we can actually see the same on Reagan. Harry being a Baptist, the Reagan’s were into psychics and the Presbyterian church of America. Though Reagan opened the diplomatic relations with the Vatican for the first time and managed to put Rome and the USA on equal international ground; Harry signed the Vatican guest book as “Harry S. Truman, Baptist”.

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