Ripstop nylon fabric is a very popular material because of all of the benefits that are attached to it. This fabric is most popular for the fact that it is very difficult to tear, and since it was first introduced onto the market, people have been using it in a variety of industries around the world, from military uniform manufacturing to the construction of parachutes and camping gear.

The Light Weight of Ripstop Nylon Fabric

Ripstop nylon is a light weight material, and this might come as a surprise considering how durable it is. The thread pattern is what makes the fabric resistant to tears, but it can also be woven in a way that allows the fabric to be so thin that it is almost transparent. The light weight of the material makes it ideal for the construction of travelling gear, since it is sturdy enough to carry heavy loads without adding to the weight of these loads. If you have ever gone camping you will appreciate the fact that your bags, tents and clothing will be able to provide you with the comfort and support you need without adding onto the weight of your carrying gear.

The Colors and Textures of Ripstop Nylon Fabric

This fabric is available in a wide range of textures and colors and this is what makes it great for a variety of purposes, including clothing, flags, camping equipment, battle uniforms and even yacht sails. The variety of textures allow for the manufacturers to choose the type of feel that they need to produce specific items, such as clothing or parachutes. When manufacturing clothing, manufacturers will ensure that the clothing is soft on the skin while retaining its durability.

Waterproof and Fireproof

Ripstop nylon fabric can be manufactured in a way that makes it both waterproof and fireproof, and these benefits make the material perfect for outdoor, military or public service gear. Firemen uniforms are often made from this material, because it is sturdy enough to withstand harsh conditions, and it will not set alight when in the presence of a fire.

Military personal and campers are often exposed to harsh elements, such as snow and rain, and the waterproof qualities of this material will ensure that these individuals are not endangered or made uncomfortable by cold, wet weather seeping through their clothing and gear. The fact that this material is also airproof makes it ideal for cold and windy locations, since the air will not be able to get through the clothing or gear to cause discomfort or illness.

The Inexpensive Alternative to Silk

This type of fabric has long been used as a cheaper alternative to silk, especially when it comes to constructing parachutes, and it combines the benefits of silk with the benefits of a sturdier material. When combined with softer materials, Ripstop nylon fabric is capable of being soft and flexible while retaining its tear-resistant qualities, and this flexibility makes it the ideal material for a range of different industries around the world.

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