A limousine to challenge the classic Lincoln Town Car limousine is the superb Chrysler C300 limo, often called the Baby Bentley because of its likeness to the Bentley itself. For many a year the Lincoln Town Car limo has held sway as the 8 seater limousine of choice and it is still very popular. But limo hire London experts are predicting that in the next few years it will be replaced as the most common limousine seen in the UK by the Chrysler C300 stretch. Both are 8 seaters and both have a cheaper limo hire price than any of the 4×4 limos. However the stretched Baby Bentley is a far classier model and is definitely becoming the wedding car of choice.

The Chrysler C300 Baby Bentley can be found throughout the UK, including Limo hire Nottingham and can be rented in a variety of colours and styles that give it universal appeal for all occasions. There is a pink Baby Bentley believe it or not which is popular for hen nights. There is the very rare shockwave apple candy red Baby Bentley which is a class of Baby Bentley often referred to as Lambo Bentley’s because of the distinctive Lamborghini doors.

The Lambo Bentleys are available in silver and cream, however the Lamborghini doors are only for effect and will never be used to get into or out of the vehicle. One unique Baby Bentley has a superb jet door style entrance in the middle of the limo and this can be used to get into and out of the vehicle.

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