Also known as the Garden Island, Taveuni is the third-largest island in Fiji with a total land area of about 170 square smiles.

This volcanic tropical isle is not only a popular tourist destination but is known for it’s rare flower, The Tagimoucia, not found anywhere else in the world. Among the many activities available on the this lush beautiful island are bushwalks, diving, waterfalls, golf, tennis and unique bird life.


The fiji real estate market in Taveuni is booming thanks to over 4000 acres of land up for grabs. Freehold lots in the taveuni estates range from half an acre to just over an acre. Each lot is reached by paved roads and serviced with clean mountain mineral water. These lots for sale, range in altitude from beachfront to mountaintop and the property design is finished in such a way so as to optimize privacy and ocean views from each home location.

Pacific Island WaterFront Lots

Starting from exclusive seaside locations to sea cliff top views, investors are guaranteed of getting their own personal chunk of Taveuni Estates waterfront with restricted public access.

Everyone of these beach waterfront lots has native flowering trees, exotic foliage and magnificent coconut palms.

Central Core Lots

Closely located to the Country Club and Golf Course. These lots overlook the ocean setting and are perfect for residents who are physically active and health conscious.

Mid-level Residential Lots

These lots were once a large copra plantation with coconut palms growing abundantly in nature. Potential buyers of these lots have avocado, citrus, mango and guava trees literally waiting for them in their backyard. The views across the ocean is magnificent.

Mountain Retreat Lots

The most amazing wildlife can be found here. Situated on low slopes overlooking the bay, these lots have the most incredible view of the Pacific Ocean.


Bus services on Taveuni Island are from Mondays to Sundays. They are somewhat unpredictable and taxi fares can be quite expensive. Minibus rides do not follow routines but rather operate on a charter basis per person.

Getting There

Whether by boat or by plane, Taveuni is fully accessible through it’s two ports of entry. The airport situated in Matei up north is serviced by Fiji Link from Savusavu and Nadi on a daily basis. The ferry “Lomaiviti Princess” berths four times a week from Taveuni to Suva, via Koro and Savusavu. Beacomber Cruises also offer vehicle ferry services between Taveuni, Savusavu and Suva three times a week.

What are you waiting for? The Garden Island awaits you!

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