A Holiday Beach Villa in Pafos, Cyprus – Great Choice

A Holiday Beach Villa in Pafos, Cyprus – Great Choice

A holiday beach villa in Pafos, Cyprus is a great choice of Cyprus property for sale. The Pafos district starts at the foothills of the Troodos Mountains and goes through to Polis in Cyprus, taking in a huge variety of landscapes and locations.

For many a holiday beach villa in Pafos, Cyprus fufils the dream of having vacations in the sun, where the weather will never let you down, pool parties and barbies can be arranged days in advance without anxious glances to the skies to see if it going to rain – trust me – it won’t!! Outside space is almost more of a priority than inside as that is where most people spend their time in the summer months, the winters as well as the temperatures are still warm, but it does get chilly when the sun goes down.

Shade in an important consideration and all properties benefit from a pergola where a table and chairs can be put out of the direct sunlight. The traditional coverings of grapevines or bougainvillea look wonderful and enhance the exterior as well as being practical. A holiday beach villa in Pafos usually benefits from a refreshing sea breeze, making the temperatures seem more bearable than just a few kilometres inland.

Polis in Cyprus gives the visitor the taste of authentic Cyprus, with fantastic scenery taking in mountains through to the coast. The Akamas peninsula is sometimes cited as the last piece of genuine wilderness left in Cyprus with a rugged coastline of sparkling azure waters and a backbone of forested hills. Cyprus property for sale bordering the peninsula also popular, appealing to the country-lover who enjoys all the outdoors has to offer, walking, hiking, trail riding, horse riding, angling, bird watching and those less energetic can enjoy just sitting in the village coffee shops watching life go by.

In a holiday beach villa in Pafos you will notice less the seasonal changes on the island, whereas further inland the spring brings blooming anemones, cyclamen, poppies, gladioli, crown daisies, iris, tulips and around fifty species and subspecies of orchids. Luckily the district is so accessible that either location is within a short drive, so no-one misses out which ever your main preference is – coastal or inland. Cyprus property for sale is available in all areas and can be for full time relocation or for holidays and rentals to family and friends right through to the hard-nosed investor who appreciates the great return on their money in capital appreciation.

Both Polis in Cyprus and a holiday beach villa in Pafos enjoy an area rich in history, the entire town of Pafos is on the UNESCO World Heritage list of cultural and national treasures adding to that the diversity of the landscape in the district, the individual personalities of the towns and villages and the range of activities available makes buying a Cyprus property for sale in this area is a no-brainer!!

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