Many people have toured some of the countries in Africa, but no tour is complete without visiting the elegant Zambia and its resorts. The Zambezi River and the Victoria Falls are the renowned attractions, but they are not the only reason you should visit this epic Southern country. There are lots of game reserves, activities and hotels in Zambia. There is just so much to partake in; from bungee jumping to raffling and abseiling. Zambia is for those who want to relax and also for those who want to pump their adrenaline.

Without the animals in Zambia, perhaps the country wouldn’t be that attractive. The South Luangwa National Park has the best wildlife in the world. The Zambian environment is created by the abundant water, light and warmth, rich volcanic sands and an extra-ordinary lush in accommodation. It will be an opportunity for visitors to experience a true sense of isolation with the full range of game viewing. For those who love travelling; walking and driving safaris are in abundance, coupled with beauty in the absolute wilderness state. Moreover, the Kafue National Park is the largest in the country and the fifth in the world. This is a safe haven where most of the Big 5 can be located.

Perhaps getting to Zambia is easy to some, but the trick is choosing the most comfortable accommodation. There are lots of hotels in Zambia to choose from which offer luxury accommodation, that’s why it is imperative to pre-book early if you want to choose the best. Choosing the finest hotels in Zambia is not like picking bread from the shelf. Thorough research is needed so that you can see which hotel offers the best accommodation and service. It goes without saying that tourists have different taste and choices when it comes to hotels. For example, some might love a place for kids to play, a golf course, a couples retreat/honeymoon, watersports and many more choices. Hence selecting a hotel should be done with a holistic mind.

Zambia, on the other hand, is one of the safest countries to visit. Their people live peacefully and in harmony. But who wouldn’t with 17 waterfalls, amazing game reserve, scenic beauty and friendly people. The place is a must see especially the excellent Tiger Fishing and sensational African sunsets.

If you don’t want to travel a lot, try getting nearby accommodation to the places you want to visit. There are also luxury hotels nearby the International Airport, for convenience sake.

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