The idea of a holiday in Jamaica may make you think of lazy days spent on the beach and relaxing evenings in a Jamaica luxury hotel. But there is a lot more to enjoy than this. Take a look at some of the following suggestions and consider incorporating them into your next trip.

Take a canopy tour

There are various ways in which you can see what this stunning island has to offer when you leave your Jamaica luxury hotel in the morning. But none is quite as breathtaking as taking a canopy tour in the jungle. The idea is that you wear a harness and let yourself be attached to a zip wire. You take off and zip right over the jungle, and get an amazing view of your location while you do so. You can do this in Montego Bay and also in Ocho Rios.

See Dunn’s River Falls

These are among the most famous and stunning waterfalls the world has to offer. They are unusual in that you are allowed to climb up them; although they reach a height of 180 metres they do not cover that distance in a single fall. Instead they are terraced, which allows for climbing to take place with help from tour guides to get you up to the top safely. It is certainly a very different and engaging way of seeing Jamaica’s most famous falls.

Go river rafting

If you are thinking of white water rafting, think again – this is a very different and much calmer proposition. The raft is created from a number of long bamboo poles, and it has a seat built onto one end. A guide will do all the hard work punting along the Martha Brae River while you enjoy the scenery with a luscious fruit drink in one hand.

Order a well earned drink at the Pelican Bar

This is arguably one of the most famous and best loved icons in the whole of the island. Even though it was wiped out by a hurricane in 2004 it was rebuilt within months. This is an unusual bar because you must take a boat to reach it. It has the appearance of being in the middle of the sea, although there is a trusty sandbank beneath propping it up. A thirty minute boat ride will set you down on the steps of the bar, and you can then go inside and enjoy a drink and perhaps a meal too, while looking out over the sea. This is a memory you will take with you back to your Jamaica luxury hotel and far beyond once you are home.

There are many delights awaiting you in Jamaica. No matter what part of the island you choose to stay on and which Jamaica luxury hotel you choose as your base, you will not be far from some of the most accessible memorable attractions that make this holiday destination complete. From swinging through the trees to lazy river rafting, this Caribbean island has it all.

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