Top 8 Chennai attractions you can visit in 2021

Chennai, the Textile City of India, is located at the southernmost tip of the Indian subcontinent. The beautiful place is regarded as the hub of rich culture, technology, cuisines, and natural beauty. From historical temples to modern architectural marvel, you will find it all in Chennai. The city has always stood as the pivot of trade and cultural exchange since the third century BCE. It was during the early-1900s that the British East India Company expanded its routes to Chennai, and renamed the port city Madras. When India became independent, Chennai became the forefront of the textile and spice industry. As of now, more than 4 million tourists visit Chennai annually. So, here we have provided a list of major Chennai attractions that visitors can enjoy in the Textile City of India, during their stay.

Marina Beach

Marina Beach is one of the major tourist attractions of Chennai. It is the longest beach in India. In the tropical and humid climate of south India, places like Marina beach serve as a major relaxation spot for tourists and locals alike. One can spend many hours looking at the clear skies and velvety waters of Marina beach. The location hosts numerous parties, get-togethers, and bonfire camps during the night. Some of the best hotels in Chennai are located within walking distance of the Marina beach

Best time to visit:- Anytime.

Timings:– Always open to the public.

Thousand Lights Mosque

A revered place of worship for local Muslims throughout Chennai. Thousand Light Mosque is a multi-domed mosque located in Royapeetah, Peters Colony, Chennai. As per legend around 1000 candles were required to light up its giant prayer hall which is why it was named Thousand Lights Mosque. With its beautiful marbled interiors, numerous frescoes, and two minarets spawning to a height of 64 feet. The Thousand light Mosque is a marvel of medieval architecture.  

Timings:–  5:30 am to 8:30 pm.       

Valluvar Kottam

A shrine dedicated to the iconic poet and saint Thiruvalluvar. The Valluvar Kottam is another major tourist attraction in Chennai. Tourists have been visiting Valluvar Kottam since it was built in 1975. This great shrine depicts the works, livelihood, and accomplishments of one of the greatest Tamil scholars of all time. The building by itself sits on 48 acres of lush greenery and the shrine houses some of the best blends of modern and medieval architectural techniques.   

Timings:- 8:30 am to 5:30 pm


Dakshinachitra means “a picture of the south”, which is a living history museum located in the heart of the city. Dakshinachitra consists of 18 houses strategically put together to depict the culture, architecture, craft, and essence of four major states in South India. This great array of buildings hold more than 4000 priceless artifacts, manuscripts, and other objects of great religious value. Most hotels in Chennai personally arrange tours to Dakshinachitra for tourists when they visit the Textile city. 

Timings:- 10:30 am to 6:30 pm

Ashtalakshmi Temple

South India is famous for its temples and Ashtalakshmi Temple is by far the most famous temple of Chennai. Located near Elliot Beach the temple is an architectural and cultural marvel. Goddess Laxmi, the Goddess of wealth, knowledge, and prosperity is worshipped here. The most striking feature is its long hallways which reflect the sound of waves from the nearby ocean, creating a peaceful environment. 

Timings:- 6:30 am to 9:00 pm

Guindy National Park

Feeling adventurous? Need a break from beaches, museums, and temples? Then you should opt for a tour to Guindy National Park. This natural gem serves as a host to more than 300 species of plants, 15 species of mammals, 150 species of birds, and numerous reptiles and amphibians. Located in Rangeguindy, Chennai Guindy National Park is a place you should visit with your family at least once.

Timings:- 9:30 am to 6:00 pm

Kapaleeswarar Temple

A holy shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva, the destroyer of worlds and the supreme god of joy. The Kapaleeswarer Temple is a thing of absolute beauty. The 37m tall central shrine is inscribed with colourful statues from the Pallava Dynasty. If you are a culture geek, then Kapaleeswarar Temple is the place for you 

Timings:- 5:30 am to 9:00 pm


Mylapore can be termed as the south Indian equivalent to Haridwar. This great town boasts a pristine history that goes back 1500 years. The town of Mylapore is dotted with numerous temples and eateries. From cultural and religious sites to shopping plazas and 5-star hotels, Mylapore has it all.

Timings:- Always open to the public.

The aforementioned places will help you plan out a fulfilling Chennai trip, make sure to finalise your accommodations in advance to avoid unnecessary hassles.