Angeles city in the Philippines is an awesome place where you can have a historic tour. Sites inside the city remind of the wars and some memories associated with it.  Soon after the end of the COVID era, you may book the flight to Angeles City now. Have a look at the places recommended as you may take a dig while planning a holiday here.

  • Enjoy a festival: The city celebrates a host of festivals and the month of October marks the beginning with La Naval Fiesta on the second Sunday of the month. The aim is to protect the Spanish fleet of navy ships.  Join the three days of the Big Bite Northern food festival that takes place in Marquee Hall. Experience the various food stalls serving food from Northern Philippines. The last Friday of the month, the devotee spends in marching to the Apu shrine paying tribute to Jesus Christ.
  • Holy Rosarch Church:  Visit the beautiful Holy Rosarch church, a Roman Catholic Church with a beautiful sight of two tall towers and a castle-like structure. The church apart from being a devotional site has a lot of controversial history.  This church was said to be the shelter for Filipino slaves, who were forced to slavery by their Spanish colonial masters.  
  • Centre for Kapampangan studies:  This building is a comprehensive library and has archived every bit of detail that has significance and has changed the rule of the city. The holy angel university preserved the site and materials and anybody can take a deeper dive into history. The place is an abode to culture and preserves research center, gallery, museum, and many more. The museum of Kapampangan Arts preserves the works done by the local Filipino artists.
  • Lily Hill:  The Lily Hill was once the lookout point from where the military personnel used to monitor the moves of World War II. You will find the WWII relics like the skeleton of a Japanese airplane, a 5-ton granite statue of a Tibetan monk, and smaller monuments that steers remembrance of tough times. You will enjoy a walk with greenery around, having blossoming flowers in the spring. You will love this mysterious place having stepping of some gruesome past. 
  • Kamikaze East Airfield:  There is only one prayer that follows here at Kamikaze East airfield is that history should not repeat itself. The guide will take you through some thought-provoking stories about how the Japanese pilots, who were a part of the suicide mission, used to crash their aircraft knowingly into the fields thereby killing thousands of enemies. The monument built at the field reminds of the sacrifice by the great Japanese soldiers and also steers International Friendship Day in the most possible way.
  • Cemetery for military working dogs: While the Clark Air Force Base ruled, every military dog that dies, was given an honorary burial. If you are an animal lover, visit the K9 cemetery, where each military dog who worked hard for the country is given a decent burial and the name reads with pride. This kind of honor for the animals serving the country is rarely observed.  
  • Air force City Park: Visit this Airforce museum, which is home to several propeller planes, multiple air force jets, and also helicopters. You may take a closer look at the aircraft, touch them, and feel the history residing beside it. This is one of the American planes which was painted by the Pilipino Air force.  You might have barracks and soldiers paying tribute to the American troops. If you have a military background, you’ll appreciate the opportunity of paying respect to these historic military moments.
  • Zoocobia Fun Zoo: If you are visiting the country with kids and loved ones, schedule a day at the Zoocobia Fun Zoo. There are a host of thrilling activities like super extreme slides, gravity car racing, pony rides, superman style zip lining, and many other extreme super slides. After you are finished with the rides, you may take a look at the restaurants, where you may take a nibble on western bites like burger steak, breaded pork, and grilled chicken all at a reasonable rate.
  • Midnight Rodeo: Visit the Midnight rodeo which is the first place for talented musicians, basically the lively place where you can her band from evening till late night. Your eardrums will reverberate with pop music, alternatives, oldies, reggae, and many more. You’ll observe friendly vibes here with cowboy hats while sipping ice-cold beer.

There is much more to discover, the beautiful city of Angeles that bears the trait of awesome Pilipino culture and history.