Holidays in Dubai: Know the City to Enjoy the City


Dubai is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Overwhelmingly glamorous, the city features an array of malls and souks, extravagant hotels, delectable dining options and top of the line bars. The monstrosity of the city leaves many intimidated and astounded. However, beneath the glittery and shimmering surface lies a much conventional and a sober Dubai. In fact, Dubai is one of the few cities that offer the perfect blend of traditional and modernism. Following is the list of city’s popular tourist spots that depict Dubai’s heritage, tourism as well as its sensation.

Dubai Zoo
Dubai Zoo is one of the favourite tourist attractions in the city. It houses more than 200 animal spices including hyenas, pumas, foxes, lions, jaguars, baboons, monkeys, deer, porcupines, chimpanzees, bears and giraffes. Endangered species include Bengal tiger, gorilla, grey wolf and Siberian tiger. Holidays in Dubai are incomplete without a trip to this magnificent place.

Dubai Museum
The Dubai Museum has an astonishing compilation of religious, cultural and military artefacts. Tourists flock to this museum to learn about the Dubai’s history, traditions and culture. One can find relics and models of Ancient Arab homes. It is indeed the ideal getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Grand Mosque
Grand Mosque, also known as Al-Jumeriah Mosque, is the most enchanting mosque in Dubai and is also perhaps the most photographed building. It portrays the splendour of the Islamic art with the devoutness of Dubai’s Islamic religion. Non Muslims can be granted permission to take photographs of the amazingly designed walls, beautiful glass panels and traditional window shutters.

Malls and Souks
Think shopping, think Dubai. The place is appropriately called the ‘shopper’s paradise’. The city has a number of amazing malls and souks. Even hotels in Dubai feature gift shops and designer stores. Dubai is a duty free zone and thus offers very cheap deals for shoppers. One can find each and everything in the city – be it electronics, jewellery, clothes and cars.

Wild Wadi Water Park
Beat the dry Dubai climate at the Wild Wadi Water Park. The water park features more than 30 incredible and fascinating rides. Stretched over nearly 10 acres of land, Wild Wadi Water Park has approximately 100 lifeguards and several other safety measures to ensure the safety of the visitors on holidays.

The charming Dubai culture, Dubai’s enigmatic Islamic religion, the alluring Dubai climate, massive hotels and cheap shopping alternatives all come together to make Dubai tourism and holidays so captivating and absorbing. Dubai is truly a world class tourist destination that has impressed the world with man made wonders as well as its natural beauty.

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