Limousine companies are the ones who employ a large number of chauffeurs. And, the main responsibility of a chauffeur is to drive people around safely to their destination. However, a chauffeur’s job does not limit to this only. They need to possess some interpersonal skills, good personality, punctuality, tactical skills and many others.

Here is a list of dos and don’ts that are very essential for all the limo chauffeurs.


• Always maintain each client’s confidentiality. All client conversations must be kept confidential.

• Open and close limousine doors for clients.

• In case when your cell phone battery is dead, contact your limo company immediately.

• Always check in 15 minutes early on the required location.

• When your clients are in the club or outside, you have the responsibility to clean the vehicle spotlessly before their arrival.

• Ask questions before departure to the limo company and be in touch with the management at all times.

• Make sure the vehicle is always clean on both the interiors and exteriors and in safe working condition before departure.

• If problems arise between you and clients during the trip, report problems to the limo company before reporting to police.

• Always be prepared for emergency situations. So, you should always carry some essential items like pens, paper, flashlight, first aid kit, batteries, blankets, cleaning supplies, and maps.

• Sometimes when running extra hours, you are responsible for collecting payments.

Don’t s

• Do not talk all the time and only speak when your clients speak to you.

• If you have celebrity clients then, do not ask for their signatures and sell them to others.

• Do not eat and sit in the back of a limousine with the clients.

• Never leave the limousines unattended.

• Do not forget to call your clients on the way and inform them about your locations.

• Do not bring anyone up front with you without the permission of your clients.

• Smoking inside the limousine is dangerous. So, do not smoke inside the vehicle while transporting your customers.

• Under no situations, you are not allowed to take the limousine three miles off the road without the permission of your clients.

• Never use the limousine for your personal use.

• Do not appoint more than one person as ‘in charge’ during a trip.

Considering these dos and don’t s can help you to be a successful limo chauffeur. So, you should always keep these things in your mind every time when you are driving your clients.

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