Car Rental In Manama: The Smart Way To Travel In And Around The City


Bahrainis probably the tiniest of the Gulf countries in size but has a rich culture that is a product of centuries of influences from various civilizations. Its capital, Manama is a fast moving city, which has become the hub for international commerce. Moving around the city can be an expensive affair, and as such, it is always smart to hire a car from a car rental in Manama.

Taxis Cost A Lot – Renting A Car Is A Smart Move!

Travelling within the city in taxis can be a very costly affair. There is a non-reliability factor associated with most cabs. While many do not even have a meter, in others it will be broken or even hidden! This means that you have to negotiate prices before hand, and that can be a very expensive on your pocket, if you have a long travel itinerary planned within the city.

Conversely, going to a car rental in Manama, will save you a lot on travel bills. You will be only left to pay for the fuel, over the rent of course. Fuel prices are really cheap here. In addition to this, you can attain a rented car for as less as BD 15 ($40) for a week!

Prerequisites – International Driving Licence

Unlike other countries in the Middle East, Bahrain does not accept foreign driving licences, and that includes US and UK licences too. Therefore, before you reach Bahrain, make sure that you have yourself an International licence.

Be Prepared For The Weather – Check The Car For The Necessary Equipments

The climate, like most places in the Middle East gets pretty hot in the summers. This necessitates the presence of an air conditioning unit in the car that you hire or book as in the case of taxis.

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