Car Rental in Amman – What You Need to Know About Driving in the Capital of Jordan


Flying to the capital city of Jordan? Do yourself a favor and arrange for a car rental in Amman. Amman has many spectacular scenery, but these scenic routes are best enjoyed when you’re driving at your own pace, at your own time. Here are some of the things you need to know before you take your car rental for a spin in the streets of Amman.

Road Signs

Do not expect road signs to make sense all the time. They rarely do. It’s true they are in English, but they’re usually badly transliterated. For example, Umm Qais is usually written as Om Qeis. If you need help figuring out what a certain road sign means, pay attention to its color.

– Brown road signs are for tourist destinations.

– Green road signs are for anything and everything Islamic, such as mosques.


Planning to do a lot of sightseeing? Then, parking should be a breeze. It’s usually difficult to find a good parking spot in the city itself, but the good news is that free parking is readily available at major tourist destinations like Petra, Madaba, and Jerash.

Accident-Prone Areas

Amman has relatively good roads, but accidents happen more frequently in certain areas. Avoid driving through these places, especially during the rainy season and the tourist season when the roads are busiest and most treacherous.

Highway 65: This small stretch of road sits in the south of Aqaba, going to the Saudi border.

Highway 10: You will pass this if you’re traveling east of Amman.

Highway 40: This lies just ahead of Highway 10, in the east of Amman.

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