Belize is a small country of 8.868 square miles, located on the east coast of America near the Caribbean Sea. A tropical island filled with nature activities and adventure including cave-tubing.

Cave-tubing is one of the most famous water sports here and often the main attraction for visitors. In Belize City, you have direct flights from the United States, but if your destination is elsewhere in Belize the facility shuttle is available. You can use these buses to go everywhere in Belize. Belize City is the ideal destination for you to find luxury hotels, which offers good food and a real treat for guests. Their hospitality is important to attract visitors again and again. Rich culture reflects a lot of the lifestyle in Belize. Being here will teach you about their history and culture while at the same time having fun.

If you’re looking for a romantic destination Palencia is one of several beaches that are an ideal place for lovers. Palencia Belize is without a doubt the best beach destination in the country, and the beaches of Palencia are sure to prove both relaxing and refreshing, not only for your body but your mind and soul as well. Palencia is located on the southern Caribbean coast of Belize, about 150 miles south of Belize City. You can come by plane, bus or rental car from Belize City, and each of these transportation options are fairly easy to arrange. Renting a car is possible when you arrive, but the town is so small, getting around on foot is generally a much better choice. Placencia is a good starting point for many natural attractions. Close by are the Monkey River, the Cockscomb Basin and the Mayan ruins. You can kayak on nearby mangroves or paddle out to one of the Cayes.

One of the best options for hotels is the Inn at Roberts Grove. This hotel is a place of peace, it does not only offer great atmosphere, but the service as well is unparalleled. Listed in the amenities are fine dining, fishing, scuba diving and canoeing. What could be better in the tropics than a spa? Inn has the best and the finest spa accommodations in the area. For adventure seekers, Inn at Robert’s Grove is proud to be a major dive resort in Belize and one of the few who are PADI 5-star rating. New York Times called Roberts Groves a “home to the most reputable dive shop in Palencia”. Roberts Grove is ideally situated for those looking for a Belize dive vacation that includes visits to several of the best diving spots in Belize. The reason is that the edge of the reef is south along the coast of Belize, it separates more and more away from the continent. The result is a vast coral reef with channels that descend from 90 to 110 feet, but rising abruptly into shoals and Cayes, which offers many places for nearby scuba diving. At the last official census, there are at least 20 dive sites named in the waters of southern Belize near Robert Grove teeming with fish life and many intact coral.

Ambergris Caye is the name of the largest island of Belize. Both larger and more populated than Belize’s main island, Ambergris Caye has an exciting history as well. Dating back to the Mayan, European pirates and Mexican refugees fled to Ambergris Caye during the Caste War. Indeed, the majority of the current population on the island is descended from Mexico. The island’s economy was once dependent upon the coconut industry, followed by the fishing industry, but is now dependent on tourism. It has more than 400 small islands, and all of these islands have the best panoramic views in the country. In Ambergris you’ll find luxury hotels with gourmet restaurants. If you want to enjoy fishing and diving or want to get closer to nature, there are lots of forests, savannahs and lagoons here, you can have fun with Mother Nature in whatever area you want. If you want to make your stay more exciting then you can rent a golf cart or bicycle and explore the sites yourself.

Belize is not the largest tropical destination vacation but does offer a long list of resorts worth visiting from the budget-friendly to ultra-extravagant, with the size of the island offering all these within a few miles. Catering to the adventure seeker as well as the laid-back relaxer, it’s definitely an experience you will never forget. All that is required is your favorite beach chair, beach umbrella and sunscreen.

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