8 Popular Bahamas Excursions Inclusive to Cruise Line Packages


When you are certain to have a cruise to the Bahamas to spend your holiday and relax under the tropical sun, then you are probably searching for several of the finest things to do in the Bahamas. It really doesn’t matter if this is your first trip or not as there are several Bahamas shore excursion packages that each cruise lines are offering. Various cruise ships travel to the Bahamas islands where tourists can have fun in the sand and its gleaming turquoise waters.

Nassau is a renowned tourist location in the whole territory being the capital city of Bahamas, and is often thought as the hub of the whole archipelago and is always a part of most Bahamas excursion schedules. You will discover plenty of enjoyable activities and festivities in this location, and is the ideal place for outdoor fanatics and visitors who wish to see several geographical sites. There are fine dining restaurants, nightlife festivities, shopping, and other water sports activities. The Bahamas remain as one of the planet’s most visited travel destinations.

Among the popular Bahamas shore excursion activities that are coupled to different cruise packages are as below:


Your Bahamas holiday getaway at a particular occasion of the year is not absolute without a little bit of time utilized at the beach. Whether you opt to visit several of the pink sandy beaches of Harbor Island or merely taking a stroll at a beach close to Nassau, there are lots of beaches almost anywhere in the archipelago.

Scuba Diving

The Island of Andros has gained a standing as the topmost diving spot in the country, Spectacular scuba diving sites are spread on nearly every islands. Bahamas spring cruise packages that consist of diving are popular and other packages for individuals who wish to do lots of diving on their holidays.

Swimming with the Dolphins

Situated on Blue Lagoon Island, the Dolphin Encounters Company offers visitors the chance to swim with dolphins. Visitors can also pet, nourish and fool around with these mammals. This visit is one of several things that are famous in the archipelago, especially among children. One might have the chance to engage in this activity when you will take an effort choose cruise packages with this schedule.

Hartley’s Undersea Walk

This undersea walk is an excursion which is beyond compare. Tourists are offered a lead mask that sinks them to the ocean floor for almost 10 feet of water. Air is forced into the mask and visitors can trudge along the ocean floor playing with fishes and connecting with some aquatic life. Guides on the other hand are possibly busy taking pictures with their waterproof digital cam.

Versailles Gardens

Visiting Versailles Gardens and the Cloisters are several of the world renowned things to carry out in the Bahamas. The carvings and other works of art that are placed in the yard are marvelous to look at. Even if the site is situated on an exclusive hotel grounds, it is exposed to the community for free and considered as one of the finest things to visit in the archipelago.


Wildlife and out of the island visits are possibly several of the well known tours in the area. With over 65 genus of birds and countless kinds of ground and aquatic organisms, the Bahamas is an extraordinary place to discover nature in its inherent environment. You can book an inclusive tour coupled with this activity.

Bacardi Distillery

This distillery gives every day visits at 11am and 2pm. This is open and the guests are provided with rum tastes as they walk around the distillery. A little store at the conclusion of the visit has Bacardi rums being sold for a portion of the price.

Have fun at Atlantis Casino

This is the biggest casino in the Caribbean with over 80 slot machines, an energetic club and several betting games and other types of gambling. Travel here to witness the spectacular visions of the sea and take part in frenzied entertainment.

There are countless of activities to accomplish while on a cruise to the Bahamas to create a one of a lifetime holiday getaway. From the array of sightseeing, shopping, and fine dining to tours and expeditions, vacationers can participate in numerous activities while in the region. Such festivities convey added experience to one’s cruising holiday in the Bahamas.

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