If you’re looking for a general guide to Grenada, then you’ve come to the right spot. Here we’re going to explore top level information about Grenada, what is also known as the ‘Spice Isle’ due to it’s prolific cultivation of nutmeg.

Grenada, located north of Trinidad in the Caribbean region, is a popular tourist destination in particular for those looking to escape the cold winters experienced in Europe and North America. It is 133 square miles, with a population of 110 million.

The island reaches a height of 2000 feet in the Grand Etang park and has a variety of flora and fauna that the wildlife enthusiast would find most fascinating. With 9 varieties of hummingbirds, wrens, martins, boobies and fly catchers, the bird twitcher would feel as though he had gone to heaven.

No guide to Grenada would be complete without mention of the beaches of this pretty island. With Grand Anse being the most popular and well known beach, the other less well known beaches should not be ignored. Levara Beach is part of a national park as it enjoys the nesting of turtles every year during the months of April to June. The quiet and romantic David Beach (pronounced ‘Darvi’) is the ideal getaway from the hustle and bustle of the south of the island, in particular for couples who are looking for something different.

Food in Grenada that should be recommended to all visitors includes the tropical fruits such as the soursops and the custard apples. Nutmeg and cacoa are cultivated prolifically and can be sampled at the nutmeg and chocolate factories to be found on the island. Seafood is a popular staple and nothing can beat the taste of freshly caught red snapper straight from the barbecue.

To give you a guide to Grenada festivities – keep an eye open for the annual carnival event. You will see tropical costumes dance down the street following trucks with loud sound systems. The local people will be dancing and enjoying the festive mood of the event. This is definitely a photo opportunity and should not be missed.

There are other carnival’s to be enjoyed in Grenada. One of them is off the main island, on the island of Cariaccou. The annual Parang Festival is a celebration of Parang music and if you want to really experience the rich culture of Grenada then don’t miss this. It’s held on the run up to Christmas, and in addition to the Parang tunes that are created for each annual event – you will hear Christmas carols too.

If you are not on the island of Grenada during these festive events, then you can experience a smaller event – that of Gouyave’s Fish Friday. As the name says, each Friday the fishing town of Gouyave holds Fish Friday – which is an ideal opporrtunity to sample locally caught fish cooked in the local manner. Steamed, fried or grilled fish is yours for the sampling. Mix with local people and enjoy the experience.

If you want to find out more about Grenada, then visit the blog site of one of Grenada’s top hotels – Petite Anse Hotel. This hotel has been recognised by Trip Advisor as one of the top Caribbean hotels for romance and is located on the unspoilt north coast of the island.

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