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Sign up to our mailing list to get Free marketing tips for Musicians. Do you ever wonder how independently managed Musicians, Artist and DJs, earn a living from their passion in this digital era? We no longer need CDs and pretty soon they will be as prehistoric as the VHS – We are using more applications and download stores to access our music files and the lightweight portability of the Gigstick is a DJs dream. Musicians need to get their music played and with the big arena that the internet is, There’s an endless possibility for independent Musicians, Artist and DJs, to get more people listening, Reviewing and sharing their music and it all involves the clever Free Marketing tips we share with our network.  

To join our growing Alliance and become part of a network where you will learn how to successfully turn your passion for Music, into a real Business. Learn how to get to grips and learn the free marketing tips that every independent Entertainer should be doing to create more buzz and get more interest in their music

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We also regularly publish articles and publications about our registered members, Our primary mission is to uncover and bring light to the hottest emerging talent in the Music Industry. We know good music and, So do our Worldwide DJs. That’s why we love it when we are able to be the first To take a good track and share it with the World! Join in with our friendly online community and find REAL music lovers, They come back to our interactive online radio shows each and every day to find the hottest new music that we bring to the dance floors. 

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To discuss how BeatRate LDN can help you with marketing your music, Please use the contact form telling us a little about yourself and What you would like to achieve with a Marketing campaign. Include your Budget and One of our agents will be happy to discuss your options. With Marketing packages starting as Low as £5.99, BeatRate LDN, Makes effective marketing, Affordable for independent entertainers to get access to the commercial exposure they need to put their name on the map!