Introducing Kyle Mason (South Africa)

New to Wednesday’s and a Resident DJ introducing Kyle Mason, straight out of SA this young up and coming talent has taken his Wednesday slot 5-6pm (UK) 6-7 (SA) by Storm! Kyle Mason is a name to look out for on the international circuit in the coming years.

Keep on reading this is the real Kyle Mason information –

Full Name: Kyle Ely
DJ Name : Kyle Mason

From: Cape Town,South Africa
Living: Johannesburg,South Africa

Age: 25

What Got Me Into Djing?: Always heard DJs play on radio and i use to wonder how they would mix tracks,at the time i heard of a programed called virtual DJ and played around with it but never really got the hang of it,then i joined a DJ Academy because i wanted to learn the real way on CDjs and ever since then i realized that i wanted to make people dance for a living.

How Long Have You Been DJing?: 4 Years

Describe Your Style?: Diverse,I do a bit of everything

What Genre`s Do I Play?:Deep House,House,Electro House,SA House

Places I Have DJ`d At?:Stones,Rivers Cafe,Liv`in Wild Event,Origins Event,And a couple of private gigs

My Idols?:Deadmau5,Lane 8,Pascal & Pearce,Timo ODV

Hopes And Dreams for My Djing?:I Hope that I can make this a full time hobby/job,my dreams are to open for Deadmau5 and Lane 8 in the future and to get signed to a well known record label.

Anything else you want to mention?: I definitely don`t DJ to ensure everyone has a good time,i want people to experience something different and probably outside of their comfort zone.That`s what i want when i see a DJ,someone taking risks,not playing top 40.
DJs are not (necessarily) musicians,they are music experts who know how different music makes people feel.They use that knowledge to deliver songs to create an experience for their audience.


Well thats a bit about this aspiring young DJ make sure to check him out every Wednesday on Beatrate-Radio.

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