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RESPECT THE BRAND! Shanny BeatRate Interviews Cool V.

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Vibez (Aka-The original- “Cool V”,) Entertainment Industry and Brand “Marketing Insomniac”, Spreading Good Vibes  -Globally!

Cool V

“Cool V” – The Marketing Beast they call: “Vibez”.
The Man that backs the brands and The Weight Pushing artist’ careers beyond the barriers of the local Karaoke Bars.
From “2 Pac” to “Shabba”. With over two decades in Music, Recording, and Marketing; Cool V’s list of clients consist of 80% of the ent/music industry, Or basically everyone we’ve listened to or are about to discover today. If its 100% certified, You can bet your bottom Dollar; The Whistle of “Mr. Official”- has backed its seal of approval!

Cool V has an impressive history of providing Marketing Services to the Music Industry’s most Seen & Heard. Representing rappers, singers / dancers- to models, musicians, and designers.

To Date, Cool V has worked for labels including Interscope, Warner Bros, Bad Boy, VP Records, Def Jam and Luke Records to name but a few.

Nowadays He uses his experience, passion, and generosity offering assistance to Up & Coming Artist, Nurturing and masterminding the best possible Marketing strategies that, ensure the best possible exposure and success to his list of clients.
If first impressions are anything to go by; -You’d be forgiven for overlooking his successful and all so influential Position. I certainly did, But then I remembered, his job has never been intended for Blowing his own trumpet, But; the Music and Brands he represents.

-“As humble as a tree, is how I’d describe him”. -Maybe his generously inspiring and welcoming personality, is what wins it’s way to the hearts of all his followers and friends?

There is one thing you can be sure of Though; In -“Mr. OW’s” World, He sets the strategy and just like Magnets, The people follow!

With a CV That can only be appreciated by looking at the most memorable personalities and Brands today! “The referee to what’s Really hot, and what’s not”!

I Present to you, The one and only…. – Cool V – (MR. Official Whistle.)

 -Hey Cool V

“First of all thanks for doing this interview.

As You know, We deal with lots of up & coming talent, and I know how valuable this post will be to them. You’re the CEO and Partners of The Next, Rated Next Radio Nextwork, CoolVTV, ChartExplosion, BSafe, Cool V’s Rated Next, Jules Of Rome, Whats DMV, Y.E.P AND KR Marketing. Your expertise and wealth of knowledge is very impressive and theres so much fruit to pick from one tree.. Its truely an honour to do this interview with You Mr Cool V; Especially when I already know how busy you are. Thanks for taking the time out to share Your ever so infectious Vibez with Us, and without further a do, I’m ready to PICK YA BRAIN. Lets Go”!

1- What Makes a good Marketing Manager?

A: A good marketing manager is one that  can access and meets all of its clients needs and expectations. It is also one in my opinion  that gives individualized and personalized branding for the client as well.


2- OK I’m going to get straight to the point here,- (You need to get your Whistle out for this one…) Who Is the Next BIG thing? Who should we all be Listening out for?  


A: Anderson Paak this singer, rapper, drummer etc is a fireball of talents his singing is a mixture of Curtis Mayfield blended with D’Angelo mixed with a little Marvin Gaye and Teddy Pendergrass all in one. His smooth raspy voice is one that is making airwaves.  In the UK Bugsy Malone and the US Joey Badass also the group The Internet they are mos def making waves!  All are #Whistle Approved Ya Dig!


3- I read on, that your Dad walked out of your life when you was a child, I’m very passionate when it comes to issues surrounding Children, Abuse and Neglect.. Your journey is an inspiration to any young person feeling like giving up or weakened by circumstances..

As a grown Man now, What message would you send out to our younger generation facing the same disregard as your own father showed to you?  


A: Wow you was mos def paying attention (smile) ok I love helping the next generation because I’m a firm believer in the each one teach one theory!  My story is no different from hundreds and thousands of kids across the globe going threw the same exact struggle even worse.  My advice to them is take all that pain and hurt and transcend it to good use.   Music because my father I listened to inspiring music artists like Curtis Mayfield and Stevie Wonder and Hip Hop artists like KRS1, RUN DMC, Grandmaster Flash  to Nas etc . I also grew up in a time where the neighborhood also raised a child where the OG’s steered you in the right direction. Which is rare these days because it seems like some of the older cats act younger than the younger dudes.   I used the pain as motivation to prove I was not going to turn out like my father and vowed that if I had a kid I’d treat him/her differently and do what a father should do.   

This helped me in my personal journey raising my nephews which turned me to Uncle Dad.  I say NEVER let someone or something break you and sometimes family is not your own blood but those that truly care for you and GOD will send a replacement.   Maybe not the way you think or see fit but he always does.   This reminded me of a kid I grew up with we both came from poor but happy  beginnings and didn’t have much and sometimes had to tough it out I remember me and this cat eating frosted flakes and whipped cream because that’s all we had to eat one day for dinner and as kids we cried and vowed that we would never be in this predicament and NEVER be like our fathers and from that moment on I NEVER turned back because life’s a journey of test that we all must go threw to the next level and we must learn to forgive and move on NOT for their sake but for YOURS.

It’s meant for you to learn compassion, humility, hard work, sacrifice, faith etc so I guess in the end the best advice I can give is take that pain and that anger and put it to good use and for those that doubt you PROVE THEM WRONG!!! Because no matter your economic status,  your health , your race class  or social status YOU’RE A WINNER all you have to do is tap into your special talents and use the gifts GOD gave you! #REALTALK!


4- I always attract towards positive people that inspire and encourage my Drive-to-Strive. What makes an artist earn the ever so sought after Official Whistle?


A: It’s funny you say that for me it’s a person not just with talent but one that you can see has an undying passion for what he/she does also one that lets their talent(s) speak for themselves.  An artist that eats, sleeps and breathes that talent.  To me when you’re truly talented you can shine without all the excess ego.  

Your style and flyness should command the attention by the way you walk, talk and show respect for others.  Those are the people that catch my attention the ones that submit their demo and be like I hope you like it give me honest feedback and that have all their business together, in this industry speaks volumes NOT egos.

I have worked for several radio stations and labels and when a artist submit a demo and they have a BIG ego most of the time it’s tossed in a box of CD’s along with other cats who came the same way. True Story!  Because most execs figure if this person has a ego now they don’t want to have to deal with another Kanye West and no offense to my boy because he’s actually a good person when you truly know him just like Stevie J a truly talented brother I grew up with who’s one hell of a producer and cool as hells and actually deep down isn’t the cat he portrays to be on TV but that’s another story.  But both of  their antics is a labels nightmare.  For TV that’s fine it’s all about ratings but music wise egos can get you blacklisted don’t believe me just ask yourself when was the last time you heard DEVONTE from Jodeci or Sean Kingston. People don’t play in this industry its a BIG planet but SMALL INDUSTRY #FACTS what goes up will  mos def come down so stay humble and let your talent speak for itself!


5- You’ve got two decades of industry experience under your belt. Dubbed the “Marketing Insomniac”, You’ve had the chance to work on some incredibly exciting Campaigns.

As someone fortunate enough to be a part of all that Marketing Magic, breaking some of the greatest Artist/Brands we all know and love.  Name me the Most memorable and Proud Experience of your career?


For me this one is easy and it’s crazy because it happens to be another legend who past best friend #RIP Phife Dawg but I’d have to say he is also one of my heroes as well the legendary J DILLA  I was given the opportunity to work for Barak Records as the Canadian Marketing Director and I got a chance to push Slum V,  Phat Kat , BR Gunner Emilee and other artists from that camp also working as rep for VP Records and model recruiter because that was amazing searching for women for the Reggie Gold contests and also helping push Reggae to the world at a time when it was breaking into the Reggae HipHop mode and crossing over to the dance music/hiphop/r&b genre.  The early 90’s was a great time for music but I have pushed allot of heat in my time and EVERY ARTIST was amazing those was just two samples that was most memorable on my journey.

As for the most proud experience their was many but when I was the first co-creator of the world first music search engine DJPULSE.COM and One of the first Video Mixtape ever  “ALL MIXED UP TV” with DJ Blendaddy  also it was a honor being the first marketing cat ever  featured on Soultrain, because they didn’t just feature me once but twice and both articles I was told was two of the most read articles they done and that’s an accomplishment within itself big shouts to JOE WALKER for making that dream become a reality!


6- If you was in charge of organising a concert that featured 10 artist on the scene to today.. Who would they be?


OMG you’re trying to get me into trouble right lol  (To all my people she’s put me on the spot you know I would have ALL of you on it) This is hard because I love so much music but here goes in no particular order Jhene Aiko,  Anderson Paak, The Internet, Kendrick Lamar, Skepta, Lady Leshurr, J Cole, Chris Brown, Rihanna, Tinashe I think that concert would be amazing!

7- Drake recently became the first Canadian signed to  (UK grime label and collective) “BBK” akaBoy Better Know”; As someone from the US.. What are your thoughts on UK Grime Music?
What!  Are you kidding me ??? I LOVE GRIME MUSIC!!!  I been down with this since Dizzie Rascal, Kano, Wiley,  Lethel Bizzle, Ghetts and my boy biddi back back D Double E!  I’ve been down with Grime because I love Jungle and Dub and that’s all it is is a mixture of that with Hip hop.  It’s FRESH and a great since and I love BBK from JME to Temper T this music is HYPE with vets also who mixed that with GARAGE into Funky House cats like my boy DONEAO and Princess Nya etc wayyy to many to name but I love the UK’s R&B and Hip Hop scene which I been following since my boy Jazzy B and Carl Mckintosh , OMAR to when Mark Morrison, The Spice Girls (Shouts to Mel B), to when Craig David and M.I.A  first stepped on the since .   I can go on and on so much talent I can’t forget my girls Shystie, Paigey Cakey, Ms Dynamite,  Mz Bratt, RoxXxane etc I can go on and on and let’s not talk about your influence on the dance culture shout out to Robert Owens , Larry Heard and Ron Wilson #Salute


8- What’s the most Valuable piece of advice you can give to any up and coming artist, Trying to break the Music Industry Today?

My advice is first perfect your craft if this is what you love eat it , sleep it breathe it,  Don’t be scared to invest in yourself this game isn’t free think of it like this it’s what you put into it if you don’t make a deposit don’t expect a withdrawal, leave your ego at the door let your work speak for itself,  don’t burn bridges respect EVERYONE from the person who makes your CD cover to that new blogsite , to the radio/club or internet dj to the most important persons your consumers and your team show them love and respect and they will do the same.

And lastly but this is VERY VERY IMPORTANT please DO YOUR RESEARCH, Be on your business have your social networks and websites on point also remember you are a brand that means YOU’RE NEVER OFF so if you see a fan while you’re shopping or getting gas etc take a few minutes or a minute to THANK THEM for their support and show them that you appreciate them and as for DJS send them drops and the MOST IMPORTANT part PG1ST = PUT GOD FIRST in EVERYTHING you do and HE WON’T FORGET ABOUT YOU!  Real talk each one teach one and hopefully we’ll reach one!  Thank you again for the amazing opportunity and I hope your readers enjoyed this interview as much as I enjoyed doing it!  This has been official #UHEARDTHEWHISTLE 😉

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